About the program 

"We aim to operate to the highest standards in all we do" and “Gearing up for the real world”

Welcome to faculty of Economics and Management. As Program director of the International Business with Agrarian Commodities (IBAC), it is my privilege to oversee the development of students interested in pursuing a career in business.

Our mission it is to empower graduates in Economics and Management to respond to the special challenges and stringent demands of today’s highly global business environment.

The IBAC curriculum takes its cues from challenges faced by today’s corporations, with a major emphasis on teaching practical skills. Case studies, group assignments and simulations are all among the experiential methods used to ensure that students are exposed to a maximum of intercultural, interdisciplinary teamwork and problem-solving with practical relevance.

Our curriculum cover major aspects in the business arena including Marketing, Management, Finance, Economics, Informatics, Mathematics, Statistics, etc...  Just a small sample of topics addressed by IBAC Faculty Fellows would include such pressing issues as: Macroeconomics, Finance and Currency, International Marketing, International Management, Econometrics, Mathematics, International Law, International Accounting, etc...

Upon entering our graduate programme you will begin on a path of intense intellectual stimulation, learning new skills and dramatically expanding your knowledge. It is a tremendously rewarding experience and one which will both enrich your life and enhance your career prospects.

I look forward to welcoming you to graduate studies of IBAC, and encourage you to contact us for further information.

Prof. Jan Pokrivcak

Vice Dean- Research (FEM)

Program Director IBAC